Welcome to Faith Fellowship!

The purpose of Faith Fellowship is to introduce people to Jesus, include them in His family, and instruct them in His word in order that they may involve themselves in His worship and invest themselves in His ministry.


Chet Chat will be my occasional blog.  I plan to present you with thoughts, tips, opinions and Biblical nuggets as I myself grow in Christ.  After all, none of us are a finished product yet.  


August Sermon Series: "Popping a Few Balloons"


A considerable portion of Jesus' teaching involved correcting misunderstandings about what had previously been taught.  Much of the Sermon on the Mount is based on His formula: "You have heard that it has been said . . . but I say to you."  This month we will consider several passages which commonly suffer from misinterpretation.

This Sunday, August 12th, the sermon will be "Is Your Vision Focused?" from Proverbs 29:18.  Why are there so many Bible versions on the market today?  Can't there just be one we all use?  See you Sunday!